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The name AC for most people means just one thing .... Cobra. AC has been in the car business longer than most, but for the most part built rather ordinary cars. During the post-war period came the Ace, Aceca and Greyhound. Surprisingly I first had an opportunity to get to know these cars in Boulder Colorado, where there was a dealer who specialised in ACs. I test drove an Aceca. At first the car felt really wonderful and the Bristol engine simply purred.....that is until the first hard corner. Suddenly the rear end jacked up and all I could think of was 'Triumph Herald'! 

At the time I was competing in drag racing events and it was here where I met the ultimate Cobra. The owner reckoned that the Shelby engine could be improved upon so instead, he had stuffed an Indy Offenhauser race engine into it. He reckoned there were over 700 horses in there. He certainly blew everyone else into the petunia patch and then calmly drove it home! I eventually managed to purchase the car, and I have to say that it was probably the most awesome cars I owned in my life!