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Bentley - all time classic


I bought thoroughbred cars when for the most part they cost a few hundred pounds at the most. That is except Bentley. There was a rule...1000 per litre! I was flying out of RAF Valley, a godforsaken outpost in the wilds of Anglesey. I heard rumours that a man had died on the island leaving an old Bentley. After some research I discovered the erstwhile home of the late Capt Hewitt. The place could easily have been the Welsh National Monument to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! Lost in the wilds was a 30 ft high brick enclosure .. a 20th century copy of Harlech castle.

Within the bulging walls was his home and the largest collection of just about everything you could collect. Thousands of bird eggs, stuffed animals, cigarette cards, beer mats, steam engines, plastic bags and yes, an 8 litre VDP le Mans replica. If that was not exciting enough, this car had driven just 300 miles before being placed on jacks and left with the rest of the 'collection'. Hewitt willed that his servant dispose of the estate; a task he was trying to complete with ill will. I expressed an interest in the car, and he agreed that I should try to get the thing working again. The bores were still filled with oil, and after just five hours work the car fired up and ran like a top. The first time in 34 years.

The tyres would have needed replacing, so I left the car and an offer which I hoped would be accepted. Unfortunately Hewitt's servant discovered the 1000 per litre rule from someone in a local pub. This was far too much for me. I understand that Douglas Ferranti, the missile man, bought the car. He already had a fine collection on the Welsh North Coast, so I knew that it was at least in safe hands.