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Invicta 4.5 litre




Invicta produced just one model that was truly a thoroughbred....the awesome low chassis S type. It was the first production car that could cruise at 100mph up and down hill. I bought the 'Ainsworth Invicta' a car that had been raced considerably but fitted with the worst looking body I have ever seen. I drove it many miles before finally restoring it to its original condition; a task that took me two years.

I found the car fast, but extremely heavy to drive. The much vaunted underslung chassis, in my mind, did nothing to improve roadholding. In fact, I think that the much higher 4.5 litre Lagonda handled far better. The ENV crash box was positive but very notchy. If one ever accidentally tried to start the car a bit too far advanced, an enormous explosion took place and the outside exhaust peeled like a banana. This I managed to do with a cop stood by the exhaust, after he had pulled me for speeding. I feel I got my own back! Despite all of this, I have never felt quite so good being in any other car! The view down the bonnet was just special.