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Jaguar has been one of the largest producers of thoroughbred cars in the World. The pre-war SS roadster was an outstanding example of design but other pre-war models were lacking. Jaguar swept the field in motor sport yet purists often considered that these cars were not thoroughbred. There were problems with corrosion, but there have been similar problems with many 'bespoke' cars too. The popularity of Jaguar has meant that the car has been able to evolve at a healthy rate and funding has been more readily available. The TOHC straight six engine was a marvel. In my view as good as if not better that that of the Aston Martin.

I owned two Mk 2s which were frankly some of the best road cars I ever owned. These cars are still much sought after and look every bit as good now as when they left the factory. If I was to choose the finest, I would go for the XK150 S type...beautiful in every respect. Later, Jaguar really lost the plot. This began when the company was taken over by BMC.

The XJS was an awful car. I made the huge mistake of buying a new one complete with a two year 'super cover'. For the first two years, the car actually spent 9 months in garages being repaired'. The only thing that never went wrong was the wonderful V12 engine. Buyers do not forget this kind of thing, and not surprisingly it was the last Jag. I ever owned. To be fair, the new range of Ford Jaguars has finally put the car firmly back on the map for styling and quality.