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Rolls Royce


Rolls Royce cars have probably enjoyed the most successful advertising campaign of all time. The expression 'the Rolls Royce of XXXX' is enshrined in the English language, despite the fact that the marque was by no means ever the best car in the world. The distinctive radiator grill was copied from another car, the Sizaire Berwick, and indeed Rolls lost a civil action against this company. Rolls was flamboyant and an aviator. If he had lived longer I believe that the marque would have taken a very different direction and we would have seen beautiful 1930s aerodynamic models which would have been really worth owning instead, for the larger part, large garden sheds on wheels. He certainly would not have continued with the monstrous frontal area of the Rolls radiator grill!

Probably the prewar V12 model is the most sought after, although maintenance is a problem. The engine enjoyed some of the aviation experience of the company.

Post war cars have in my mind also been universally ugly. The sole purpose of the car seeming to be to isolate the owner from the rest of the ugly world. I have never driven a Rolls that was even a pleasure to drive, yet alone fun, and frankly every time that I have, I have just experienced an over-riding feeling of embarrassment.

As for quality, the cars were certainly not in a league of their own. During the post war years, many car body repair shops would not undertake work on these cars, as the period in the shop resulted in too many 'bugs' developing before delivery to the owner.

I can only hope that VW, the new owners will do something to redress the styling issues.