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Allard - the world's first muscle car



For a few brief years a small company in London England produced a series of competition and road cars that came close to dominating the world sports car racing and rallying scenes while gaining the reputation of being the "The Blacksmith's Revenge." They were fast, possessed handling characteristics that bordered on being evil, and were considered by some to be downright crude. But their legacy lives on, in the form of Carroll Shelby's Cobras, the Chevrolet Corvette and the Dodge Viper.

The Allard was never a thoroughbred in the classic sense of the word. Quality and engineering was relatively poor and the engine was just plain brute force. Nevertheless, the car proved to be a wake up call for the famous marques of the time, and set a trend in design that continues to this day. Several kit car designs even emulate the body and the cars have gained collector status, after remaining mostly unloved during the early post war years.

What is more extraordinary is that the Allard is back! Roger Allard is producing an updated limited edition version!