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Without question, the Lagonda is one of the World's greats. Many models were fitted with Meadows engines, which in my view is always a good start. Although large, these cars could really handle and considerable success was enjoyed on the track, including a le Mans win.

Lagonda did manage to produce one pup though: the Rapier. This was a 1500cc disaster with a preselector gearbox. After the war and fusion with Aston Martin, the Lagonda really became an Aston outlet for 4 door saloons. Most of these were styling disasters and were largely overbodied to be worth much. I bought a 4 litre Rapide for 250 on behalf of a friend. I did manage to deliver it to Cannes, but was I glad to leave it there!

I purchased a V12 drophead. Its performance and elegance was unbeatable and I wish I still had it today.