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what is a thoroughbred car?

The definition of a real thoroughbred car is open to discussion. This website celebrates those pre war and early post war cars that were 'better than the rest'. The initial purchase cost is just one factor. Most of these cars were hand built and were marketed to those very few who could afford them. Some well known marques also managed to produce some terrible models and these will be omitted. For many years, the Vintage Sport Car Club of Great Britain refused to accept some cars under the category of 'post vintage thoroughbred' on the grounds that some excellent cars were produced in too great a quantity to be thoroughbred. The most noticeable victim of of this policy was the pre-war MG despite the fact that many class world speed records were held by that marque and that they enjoyed a very successful racing career.

1936 Pa MG

The same club also discriminated against 'assembled' cars such as the Jaguar, so their classic SS model was also excluded.

Times have changed, and almost any old car can be seen at shows and described as a 'classic'. Most of these 'classic' cars were dreadful when new and time has not matured them into fine wine!  This has devalued the term classic car to a significant extent.

SS Jaguar

The editor owned a large number of thoroughbred cars in the 1960s, when gems really could be found languishing in barns, to be bought for 50. The ownership of such cars at that time was considered by most to be somewhat eccentric! The cars would be restored and run as road cars and enjoyed for what they were ..... fine and extravagant examples of automotive history. Many of these same cars now languish in museums or climate controlled collections. In all cases their values have skyrocketed as buyers came in to the market to buy 'investments' rather than enjoy these wonderful cars for their own sake.

If you feel that we should include a particular car, do not hesitate to contact us.